Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boo !!

Wahahahahaha !! hello BLOG !!! Long Time no see ~ how are u? i miss u! LOL !! ok enough of the self-talking thingy ~ hahaha ! anyway ~ Really sorry for my buddy who texted me go out for a drink but i decline T.T sorry bout that cause im doing self learning on tat stupid software ~ hahaha ! once im on it i dont wan doing half way scared i might forgt how to do it again ~ 

Blame my brain~ YA! my BRAIN dude ! blame it ! LOLx .. wait--- do i hv any brain.... hmm... thk thk thk ... hey ~ i DO have a brain ~! im THINKING YO !!! hahahahaha !! ok enough of the joke ~ im happy now coz finally i learnt it !! but nt MASTER it of coz ~ if do u can call me Pro. Christine !! muahahahahahha !! come on call me that !!! pretty please ~~ someone call me that ~ LOL !! wait a minute... thy say normal those Professor looks NERD !! OMG !!! i change my MIND !! 

Seriously? i can change my mind?? hahaha ! well thn call me NEKO-CHAN ~~ nyahahahah ~ NYAN ~ fuwaaaaaaaaaaa~ im hungry now ~ gonna hunt some food ~ hahahah ! GOOD NIGHT my LOVE ~    

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Im not in the mood now but then again WTF am i doing here =.=" bloging ~ LOLx.... Anyway... what i really wish and hope for now is that we could still be frens like always... but thn again if you choose not to i wont blame it on u or beg u say "plz dont" i would just let it go the frenship of ours although it take years to build it.. just blame it on me who destroy everythg and end up like this im deeply sorry....

And i cant belive that my tears start to falling when i saw the msg u sent to me, and how much i apperiate the friendship of ours and it seems like it disappear rite at that instant .... i not even dare to get back inside join my friends with such conditions if they saw me crying i duno what will happen... it took me almost 20 minutes to get back to my very good conditions.. ( tats fast~~ lol ~ jz kidding anyway).

Tell me anyone? what should i do now... im trying to pull myself togther and its kinda hard... what i can do now is hope that things will getting better ...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NeW MonTh ~

ahhh... new month~ still i havent fix my cross.... damn... wanna cry jor cant find a single place to fix it.... been thinking where can i fix it >.< haiz ~ sien de lo~

Friday, October 28, 2011


Sometimes you can guess the ans on what a person might say, but yet you cant comfirm it. I was wondering what ans whould you give that night ? but end up u skipped ~ LOLx but somehow i know the answer myself cause i can see it, since you have choose it so why you have to hesitate for the ans???  I shouldn't have gv a thought about this questions no?? hahaha ! Although, i've been wanted to ask last time but on sept 3 i should've receive the ans and know the ans ..

So, Lets just forgt about this questions.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OcToBeR ~~

well... hello hello ~~~ so long din touch my blog dy ~ i miss u my bloggy ~~~ XD what im gonna post today?? well nothg ~ im gonna head for my another blog ~ here is too public ~ LOLx ~ just kidding~  Nothing i can write much ~ just wish that i have another good day and hopefully tomorrow nite is a good day~ im not gonna run .. haha ! HaZe ~~ can i run to u for awhile?? LOLx !!! im just kidding anyway ~

Things started to change since sept 3rd after those mail i received ~ hahaha !!! nyan ~ <3 oh no~~ suddenly somethings pop out from my tiny little brain ~~ my beloved fren gonna leave soon >.< baaaaaaa... i don't like it ... duno why ... hahahha !!! thats all for today ~ back to my work ~ XD

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Time FLY so fast ~~ and now i feels like my journey need to stop awhile, I'm tired... i duno what i'm thking, i'm so blank right now yet i still got alot thgs in my mind that i should stop thking of... really it feels like ... erm.. duno how to decribe ... hurts?? nahhhhh ~ erm.. wat nehh.. sei lor ~ english fail jor ~ XD

Oh well, things gonna be so different now.... i'll stop everything that i should hv stop earlier.. after telling me everythg ~ XD tats gonna be the last **** and i'll step out of it.. i nvr knw tat it would be this fast ~ LOL !!! guess tats it. Move On ~ =.=" stubborn sei me ~ XD

The following days... how its gonna be? gonna put tis aside and face another thgs of it. well thn, wish you all the best and happy owes ~ XD

Guess my mind is blank since the whole saturday and i thk the following days oso will be like that ~ LOL !!! XD can i hv a good slp?

Friday, August 26, 2011

BaNG ~

what im going to write in my blog?? hahaha.... nthg.. just to remind myself thgs ~ dont gv a damn bout ppl thgs ^^

And of Coz yea i DOESNT need a CARE remember that for those reader who view my blog. CARE = Troublesome ~